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WATCH: It Sure Looks Like Herm Edwards Was Fired on the Field Saturday Night

Herm Edwards was officially fired on Sunday after Arizona State's 30-21 loss to Eastern Michigan on Saturday night. But after watching this video of Edwards with ASU president Michael Crow and athletic director Ray Edwards, it seems like he may have been fired while Eastern Michigan was still celebrating at midfield. At the very least, the conversation was something like, "Let's talk when you come in tomorrow morning."

I think Lane Kiffin getting fired on an LAX tarmac at 3 a.m. still tops this, but there can't be many worse ways to get the axe than in the end zone right after suffering a home loss to a MAC school. Two-star recruits are waving a flag on your logo while your bosses are firing you. Tough scenes.

And why Arizona State waited for a 1-2 start after Edwards was involved in a recruiting scandal this offseason and wasn't doing anything particularly inspiring anyway is beyond me, but better late than never, I guess. Now ASU will have the rest of the season to look for its next head coach and at least get a head start on schools who choose to get rid of coaches after the season ends.

It's not Nebraska, but Arizona State is a solid job that could attract some good coaches. Maybe they'll fire the next guy during a game.