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Quentin Tarantino's Wish List For The Cast Of Pulp Fiction Shows What Could Have Been

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A list of Quentin Tarantino's wishlist for the cast of Pulp Fiction has emerged on Twitter , and one can't help but think what Pulp Fiction would have looked like with some of these names in the iconic roles instead of the ones who starred in the film. 

First off, always wild to see these lists or hear an iconic role could have gone to someone else when you have grown so accustomed to seeing a certain face in the movie. One of the craziest to me was always the fact Back To The Future almost existed without Michael J Fox, and even shot scenes with Eric Stolz. 

Speaking of Eric Stolz, it seems Tarantino was dead set on him being in this movie as he wrote the part of Lance for him, but also considered him for Pumpkin. 

I'm going to do my best to give an alternate pick to each role on the list and try to keep Pulp Fiction the same iconic film it is. 

First up … 

Pumpkin and Honey Bunny 

The two lovers / robbers don't have a major role in the film per se, as they are in just two scenes, but they are two really good scenes. 

It's interesting to see Tarantino potentially lined up Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette again for this duo. They were terrific together in True Romance, another excellent Tarantino film. Those two make sense, but I worry if you put them together in this it somehow taints True Romance. 

To me, the selection for this duo would be Nicholas Cage and Marisa Tomei. I think Tomei can bring in wrinkles of quirky personality, and Cage to me honestly kind of looks like Tim Roth, if he was cast in the originally I don't see much of a difference. 


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How about Travolta was a second choice first place behind Michael Madsen ? 

How about Denzel could have been in this role ? 

To me the choice here is Madsen or Michael Keaton, and I would pick Keaton. 

I like Keaton, and I think he can fill this role as well as Travolta did. 

Lance and Jody 

For Jody … it's easy to me. Kathy Griffin. Jody is kind of an annoying character, and Kathy Griffin (who Tarantino spells Cathy on the list) is kind of annoying so she fits right in. 

For Lance it's Johnny Depp. Give me early young Johnny Depp in a weird role , then a frantic scene playing off Travolta. That's an easy choice.