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Mets Fans PSA: High Fives Tonight, Not Champagne

The New York Mets can clinch a playoff berth tonight (or this series ) vs The Milwaukee Brewers with one win. A quick reminder that if The Mets do anything but handshake, high five, or smile, I will be severely disappointed. If they wheel out champagne, go over the top with their clubhouse celebration, or start posting mission accomplished on their Instagram comments, it shows me they have lost sight of the task at hand. The NL East division championship. 


We've won 93 games and should win over 100. We've held the lead in the division essentially wire to wire, even though we're fighting for our lives every night to hold onto it. We have 2 of the best pitchers in the game, an MVP type first baseman, and an all world talent shortstop. We are built to be win a division. Our goal was to win the division. Celebrating anything other than that is soft shit and I will not condone it. 

Think about it, are we really supposed to go over the top celebrating a playoff berth when every night is a war for the division? I personally believe that shows the sign of a team happy to just be there, not a team who knows they are supposed to compete for a World Series. 

The good thing is, I really do think Buck is built different and will corral the emotions tonight to a subdued reaction. I think he knows the task and hand and won't celebrate anything less than that. This Mets team is different and we'll see another example of that tonight. 

Hit the fucking music!