Pardon My Take's Football Guy Of The Week Nominees: Week 3

Welcome back to Week 3 of Football Guys of the week. Another great crop of football guys this week!

1. App State Coaching Staff

Not only is this move peak Football Guy but it also worked! They ended up beating Troy in a close game this weekend.

2. Ethan Glynn, MN Football player 

This is one of those stories that give credence to the Indominatable human spirit. These are some of the stories from the dark side of the sport we all love so much. But the lessons we learn from playing the game help us overcome some of the greatest challenges life can throw at you. There is a reason Football Guys are built different and overcoming tragedy is one of them. 

3. UConn Football Fan

When you spend so much time prepping for rooting for your alma mater, you're going to get your money's worth and throw up the 4s for the last quarter. That's commitment. 


4. TJ Watt DE, Pittsburgh Steelers

Many people think this is some sort of Invisalign or retainer, but in reality, it's a very expensive mouthguard, just like the one Steph uses. 

Keeping the mouthguard in on the sidelined injured to stay ready. Essential to not miss a beat coming back to play. 

Meet us back here next week for more Football Guys!