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DAWGS ON TOP: The Waterdogs Are Your 2022 PLL Champions OF THE WORLD

Talk about a team of destiny. 

The Waterdogs started off the 2022 PLL season 0-3. The entire world was writing them off. Ownership was getting ready to sell the team straight to Bolivia. But when the chips were down and their backs were against the wall, that's when the dawgs barked the loudest. 

5 straight wins in the regular season to lock up their spot in the playoffs. 2 straight dominant performances in the playoffs to punch their ticket to the championship game. And then today? Well the boys were, how we say in the biz, buzzzzzing. 

13 saves out of Dillon Ward, who also just won his 2nd championship of the summer after winning an NLL Championship with the Colorado Mammoth earlier in the summer. 2 goals out of Kieran McArdle. 2 goals out of Philly legend and game MVP Michael Sowers. And the most impressive part of the game for the Waterdogs? The boys were getting GREASY out there. The Chaos are notoriously the greasiest team in the league but somehow the Waterdogs went out there and out-greased them all. 

Just guys being dudes. But once I saw the Waterdogs start to be the main bullies out there, that's when I knew they were ready for the moment. They had a game plan to fuck shit up from the jump, and executed to perfection. And at the end of the day, they are world champs of the world. Ownership has to love what they were seeing out there.