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OH NO: 49ers QB Trey Lance Gets Carted Off The Field In An Air Cast After Taking Massive Hit

This was so strange and very sad above all else. Trey Lance seemed to be popping right back up once he got planted on this quarterback keeper run. Unfortunately, the San Francisco 49ers signal-caller realized something was very wrong and collapsed back to the turf in agony due to a right ankle injury.

Making only his fourth NFL start, and coming off a loss last week in Chicago in a crazy rainstorm, Lance was off to a promising start in Sunday's game. 

So...looks like keeping Jimmy Garoppolo around for the time being was a genius move on San Francisco's part. Jimmy G can definitely win the 49ers plenty of games, particularly against an NFC West rival in Seattle who seems to have a significant talent deficit on its roster. Will be interesting to see how lance is down for, and how Jimmy G can fare today without his typical security blanket George Kittle.

Ominous update from Schefty: Looks like Lance's season could be over.

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