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Bucs Punch Saints In The Mouth And Jameis Winston Shows Who He Really Is

Tyler Kaufman. Shutterstock Images.

Things didn't start off great in the Big Easy. The Saints went up 3-0 after their first possession so I had to don the #RallyMask.

The score remained that at halftime and things weren't looking so swell. But then Saints mouthy CB Marshon Lattimore decided to pop off to the GOAT.

That was the clear turning point in the game. Both Mike Evans and Lattimore were ejected, but that got the juices flowing for the Bucs and it was a route after that. Tampa started getting things going with a pick:

Then the Bucs drove it down and finished it with an incredible play from Tom Brady.

Jamel Dean, who has had a ton of issues holding onto INTs, then made his second of the day. 

It was turning into a vintage Jameis Winston performance with 3 INTs.

I had been telling Mintzy, Megan Makin Money, Kelly In Vegas, all the Saints backers that Jameis Winston was going to show his true colors and it finally happened. I'm surprised it took this long! I caught up with Mintzy after the game to get his thoughts.

The Bucs are 2-0 and we've got a heavyweight showdown with the Packers next week. Looking forward to it already! Go Bucs!