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The Browns Blew A 13 Point Lead In The Final 1:22 In Perhaps The Biggest Choke Job In Franchise History

How did that happen? I don't think I'm overreacting when I say that may have been the worst Browns loss ever, and we've clearly had some bad ones. But up 13 with 1:55 remaining, getting ready for all-time Browns great Cade York to put the extra point through the uprights....I'd imagine you couldn't have even have bet the Jets moneyline. That game was OVER. I was already workshopping some lines for my postgame blog. Was thinking about leading off with, "Is there a way to turn off comments for anyone whose team is not 2-0? Because I literally don't want to hear from anyone except SUPER BOWL CONTENDERS."

And then the wheels came off...

Let's be clear: the Browns lost by 1 and Cade York missed an XP with less than two minutes to go, but this was NOT Cade York's fault. A hundred other things had to go wrong, and they all did. Cade York is the reason we were 1-0 in the first place, so I better not be seeing any Cade York hate on the internet this week. He missed one extra point. We still had a 13 point lead with 1:55 remaining. And it's not Nick Chubb's fault either. People are saying if he would've just gone down on the 1 yardline instead of scoring, we could've kneeled it out. Yeah, I guess that's true, but in the moment, I had no problem with it. It's one thing to be breaking away for a 60 yard run and to go down, but Chubb needed to get to the 1 for a 1st down, so I'm not upset that he scored it.

Besides, we just couldn't let the Jets get behind our secondary for a 70 yard wide open touchdown less than 20 seconds later...

That is inexcusable. If we're blaming anyone this week, it needs to be the secondary and coaches. With 1:35 left, how does Corey Davis run wide open down the field? 

But still, who cares. Jets had no timeouts left, so the Browns just needed to recover the ensuing onside kick and kneel it out. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

And at this moment, folks, I knew Cleveland was going to Cleveland. And they did.

What else would you expect from Joe Flacco? The man is now 18-3 against the Cleveland Browns, probably more wins that 99% of our QBs since we returned. 

But through all of that, the BROWNS STILL HAD A CHANCE. The dumb Jets kicked it through the end zone and then allowed Jacoby Brissett scrambled on the first play to about the 45 and got out of bounds, allowing us a play to get about 10-15 yards to give Cade York another chance to be the hero. With the Jets not allowing anyone to go deep, I would think we'd have been able to find someone over the middle for a positive gain and see if York could boot it from 60. Unfortunately, Jacoby Brissett forgot that we weren't wearing White jerseys this week.

So here's your recap:

That's a season ending loss right there. Sitting at 2-0, I'd say we would still have life to be around .500 when Watson comes back for game #12. 63% of teams that start 2-0 make the playoffs, and while I would say it would still be a long shot looking ahead at our schedule, it was certainly possible. Now, it's over. Yeah, we have the Steelers and Falcons the next two weeks, which we could win, but you can't expect anything from this team. But after that, it's a 7 game stretch with Jacoby Brissett against the Chargers, Patriots, Ravens, Bengals, Dolphins, Bills, and Bucs. The Browns might be 3-8 when Deshaun comes back.

And it's not only the Browns who were losers today. It was the fans as well…

What are we doing here, Cleveland? Not only is it outrageously weird and gross, it's also not funny at all? Someone in this picture is getting fired from work tomorrow. And it should probably be this guy:

And it's not just pictures from this one dumb tailgate that are embarrassing us, it's pictures from the stadium as well.

We gotta be better than this. Support Watson because he's the QB of the Browns if you want, but why are we making jokes about the sexual allegations?

Gross results today from both the team and fans.