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Rivalry Back On: Mike Evans Trucks Marshon Lattimore Out Of Nowhere (Again), Ignites A Brouhaha

No one loves starting shit like Mike Evans vs Marshon Lattimore. In fact we've seen this *exact* thing play out before: 

I love it. I need rivalries and hate in sports at the pro level. I'm all for the Bucs and Saints pissing each other off and ejections twice a year. Hell, we even get to watch Jameis vs Tom Brady. Two generational quarterbacks if you ask some. As for this specific kerfuffle? 

Smart move by Evans. He lays out with a pretty decent block. I'm sure it'd be called for targeting in the collegiate level but this is Sunday we're talking about. He's also smart here because he's a receiver who needs, you know, his hands. Doesn't start it by throwing a punch at a helmet. Dumbest thing in football isn't the fumble out of the end zone is a turnover. Oh no. It's guys throwing punches at helmets. Gotta attack this way. There was some AGGRESSION in that lead up too. Evans came in hot. 

All this for a 3-3 game. God bless football man.