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Grit: Jameis Winston Is Reportedly Playing Today With FOUR Fractures In His Back

Jameis, I get it man. You want to play. You want to lead the Saints here. But, you tell me I have four fractures in my back and good luck getting me out of my recliner. I'm gonna take a Sunday off. Back injuries fucking suck. I've had spasms and all sorts of shit that at 17 I had a chiropractor tell me I've had the worst back he's ever seen. Good news. Great even. Now I'm just a blogger who grits it out moving from recliner to sofa to floor to one handed while holding a kid. I am for sure not an NFL quarterback. I'm for sure not lining up against the Bucs this week. 

I do love how casual the tweet is and even the report when I was watching it live. Oh he's in pain, but they'll put extra padding there. Yep, that'll help. That will prevent 300 pound dudes tackling Jameis. I better be getting the full Varsity Blues treatment if I'm lining up with that many fractures. 

I don't want to feel a goddamn thing. Also smart to get this story out there before the game. If Jameis has a bad game, you have an excuse. Just blame the fact that, you know, you have 4 fractures in your back. Everyone is talking about how gritty he is, how much of a football guy he is, etc. You can't have this story come out after you have a bad game. Now if he plays well everyone will also praise him more.