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Quick reminder...  Tyler Morin from The Water Coolest and I pooled together $5,001 which we are investing as The Family Office...

This week NOTHING good happened… Tyler has a newborn that is making him question everything he thought was sacred, I am on a fucking Mexican bender in Vegas, and our portfolio is trying to outdo the broader market for "Best Impression of 'the Gimp' from Pulp Fiction"

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For a sneak peek into this week's episode- We are now officially LOSING money in the portfolio and our best investment idea is to stock up on Adderall before the global shortage hits.

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And, as always, here are a couple of Free GIFts

(Just saw 'The Mask' on TV… Remember when Cameron Diaz had her fastball?… I do.)

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(And some classic Tom Hanks.)

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