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WATCH: Post Malone Fell Through The Stage During His Concert

I thought when I first saw this it was going to be a bit but Post Malone actually got really hurt. How in the world is the middle of the stage open still when he is performing??

I also thought at first glance he was playing up the injury because everyone knows when you fall you try and make it seem like it didn't hurt. You roll around on the ground for a second to get your bearings and come up smiling even though it hurt like a bitch. This wasn't the case for Post Malone he was squirming around on the stage and even had to be walked off. 

He had everyone walk him off the stage and it almost looked like he had a oxygen tank as well. I also love that he did the wave or the thumbs up to the crowd like he was a star player in a football game getting carted off. That is brutal for everyone because obviously everyone in the crowd wants him to be okay but they do want to see the entire concert. So do they have to sit around like when your player gets hurt in fantasy football and wait for an Adam Schefters tweet to see if he will be returning to the game? It is a tough position to be in. Here is a closer look to the fall and he actually fell really fucking hard. 

I hope he is okay because you can see his ribs get absolutely smoked and he called for help immediately. I don't even know how this happens but whoever left the middle of the stage open during his performance I am sure they don't have a job anymore. The craziest thing is that he came back out and performed Rockstar. Now that is the perfect way to come back and now I like Post Malone even more.  Even though he came back, My official diagnosis is he broke a rib and is out 3-4 weeks.