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Decent Day: Eastern Michigan Mocks Herm Edwards After Beating Arizona State And Getting $1.5 Million

I don't know how you can have Herm Edwards as your football coach as of 8:28 Sunday morning. Arizona State isn't that bad of a program. They have enough history. Shit, they should be able to recruit - it's Arizona State, if you know, you know. But losing to Eastern Michigan and getting mocked with your own quote? 

Low point. 

Then again, the entire Herm Edwards regime has been a disaster at Arizona State. There hasn't been a good news story to come out. They aren't winning games. In fact here are the short sample of blogs since he took over: 

Great job all around! Now we can add losing a buy-game to Eastern Michigan and getting mocked with a final score tweet. Doesn't get lower than that. 

It's still mind-bottling that ASU just isn't good at sports. You have a strong recruiting area. You have plenty of resources. You have history in both basketball and football. They simply just exist. That's all I can say about Arizona State sports. They exist. But you gotta fire Herm Edwards man. Can't be getting trolled by Eastern Michigan like that.