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Caleb And Rone Just Pulled Off The Best Interview Ever With Michael B Jordan

This is why we have the best guys in the business. Nobody will get better interviews than Caleb and Rone. Michael B Jordan is just saying who the fuck are these guys and I can't believe they aren't getting treated with respect with those bolo ties. The part where Caleb says no he doesn't want to do it and makes the hand gesture to his neck is unbelievably funny. 

This is the exact reason why you should let barstool be a part of any big event because obviously we don't belong around these big stars but it makes it that much better. What other broadcast that has permission to be there can't get people there for the fight? These real announcers aren't doing this and it is more entertaining than the fights sometimes. You want the announcers to be real like Dave, Dan and Robbie talking about their bets and laughing at Caleb and Rone getting denied by celebrities. Any other broadcast turns that off, but we make sure we stay on for the longest time possible to see if we get kicked out or not. 

These guys are the best at their job and I love every single time they get on the mic. Shout out to everyone killing it on the Canelo GGG fight because this was electric content even though we didn't get to hear one word. That is just when you know you're the best.