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Victor Wembanyama Watch: The Human Cheat Code Is Back, This Time Doing Some More Ridiculous Shit That Makes Absolutely No Sense

I know, I know...it's football Saturday. But listen, when we are living amongst a real life basketball unicorn, when they go out and do insanely cool shit that continues to break your brain every time it comes across your timeline, my hands are tied. I already told you that I'm addicted to Victor Wembanyama highlights like two days ago when footage dropped of a rather dominant 34 point showing

As you can see from the video at the top of this blog, he was back at it again today. This time with another 34 points on 10/18 shooting in only 30 minutes. Look at that shotmaking! How does any of that make sense? I know we say that with pretty much every one of these Wembanyama blogs I write, but that's because every time I see this kid play I can't really understand what my eyes are watching. Look at this!

Not only does it look like he's playing on a 9ft rim, but it also looks like he's playing against 4th graders. Tell me that isn't every coach at a summer youth basketball camp. Blocking drives without even jumping. Dunking on everyone's head by barely jumping. Hitting shake and bake Hakeem dream shakes without hesitation. If you've ever worked a basketball camp you've done what Victor Wembanyama did to who I can only assume are adult males. 

If you're telling me this kid is going to have the footspeed to stay with smaller/quicker guards on the perimeter, has the midrange bag of Kevin Durant, has elite rim protection and is a billion feet tall, well then I can't see how any team in the league should want to win a single game this year. It's not like these highlight videos are telling us anything we didn't already know, but there's something about every single time this kid ends up on our timeline he's doing ridiculous shit. The consistency is what tells me this is for real. It's not like he had one grainy video that went viral and then nobody really saw what he did until the draft. Every day we're getting videos of this true basketball unicorn. 

Alright, we can go back to our normal scheduled programming of the late college football slate. See everyone for the next one that you know is coming.