Kanye West And Candice Swanepoel Are Dating, Cuffing Season Has Begun

Bizarre pairing. Candice just did a SKIMS campaign a few months ago, so clearly she's known the Kardashian-West family, but...what? Kanye's a freak, girl. Haven't you seen??? It also looks like Candice is working with him at the same time, so...if you work with Kanye West, does that mean you have to be his girlfriend? Is he the kind of guy who only chooses muses from here on out, and every one of them has to be dating him? I hate it. Candice can do better. Kanye needs to work on himself and figure his life out. He's turning into the kind of girl (and guy) I talk shit about, "the person who can't just be single." We all know a handful of these people - can't walk this earth without a girlfriend, or needs to be "talking" to multiple people at once. Sounds like someone's afraid to spend some time alone with themselves! Tbh I get that. But, don't take Candice down your weird rabbit hole Kanye, she's too normal.