The 'Hurricane Diss' At Texas A&M's Midnight Yell Is A Bigger Embarrassment Than Losing At Home To Appalachian State

Unbelievable. After A&M spent hours upon hours trying to delete the awful Midnight Yell from Twitter last week, they come right back. This is apparently the Hurricane Diss and let me tell you something. It's not great! It's embarrassing. It's way more embarrassing than losing to App State at home when you're a huge favorite. Way more embarrassing than looking like failures in week 2 and people think you have a shot to do something. 

I don't even know how this is considered a diss. Something about going back to Florida or whatever. I don't know man, Texas A&M is College Station. Miami is Miami. Not really the insult you think it is. But this is about Midnight Yell. The idea of it is whatever, but you gotta do something cool. You can't sit here and think this fires people up. If I were a football player I'd think about bullying these guys. Shove them in a locker so only you can embarrass the Texas A&M program. 

I really wish Miami had Uncle Luke show up to Midnight Yell and did his own stuff. That or let Michael Irvin speak again. 

We are all Miami tonight. Can't get behind A&M anymore with every Midnight Yell video getting released.