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The Giants Look To Go 2-0, That's Right TWO AND OH, Today In A Revenge Game Against An Old Friend

Uncredited. Shutterstock Images.

Look at that face, Giants fans. That is the face of the man that sentenced us to the last 5 years of hell. Not from his bad coaching, bad hair, or bad face. But that man choosing to start Geno Smith over Eli Manning in a meaningless November road game against the Raiders led to the Giants Apology Tour for Eli that had them attempt to build a team around an aging QB with a shitty offensive line and a running back that they probably wouldn't have drafted at 2 if they committed to an actual rebuild like everyone thought they would do before that fateful day in Oakland.

I guess we can blame Jerry Reese's awful draft classes at the end of his tenure as well as everything that led to this moment as well.

However all that shit is in the past and the Giants actually have a chance to go TWO games above .500 for the first time since that mamaluke was the head coach if they can beat him and his boss Smock Spit Boy.

I deserve to be kicked in the shins for saying this, but if the Giants can pull out a win today against an okay Panthers team, the schedule breaks prettyyyyyy nicely for them to potentially start 4-0 with home games against the Dak-less Cowboys and the Bearsy Bears.

Okay, that was getting extremely ahead of ourselves considering other fanbases are still counting the Giants as auto wins even after they beat the Titans last week.

The good news is the Carolina Panthers don't have a 10 foot running back made of granite for the Giants to deal with this week. The bad news is they have a nuclear weapon at running back that is actually healthy this week and can kill you on the ground or the air. Considering the Giants got absolutely roasted by Dontrell Hilliard in the passing game last week, I shudder at the thought of what Christian McCaffrey can do against Big Blue's coverage not to mention DJ Moore and Robbie Anderson being a much bigger problem for the Giants than the slop the Titans were rolling out at receiver last week.


How does the undermanned Giants defense without both their top pass rushers and CB2 deal with all that along Baker Mayfield being in Super Duper DUPER Nobody Believes In Me Revenge Mode after losing to Cleveland? Easy. Weaponize a bunch of loud people from the Tri-State Area.

I'll be at MetLife screaming my guts out until my old man throat gives out and I expect every other Giants fan to do the same now that they have something to cheer about. And if you aren't at the game, you better be getting a noise complaint from your neighbors.

As for the offense, I guess it's still going to be the Saquon Show again along with Richie James getting 100 targets unless the Giants big signing or first round pick decide they want to show up today. It'll be nice not having a monster like Jeffery Simmons giving Daniel Jones a colonoscopy every other play. Brian Burns may be coming off the edge but I feel much better with two Top 10 picks at tackle dealing with a problem pass rusher than the backups in the middle of the line.

Actually what am I talking about? My little lamb Danny Dimes is gonna take care of business for me today.
Besides, if everything comes down to the niddy griddy and requires a coach to make a decision to win the game instead of not lose it, there is only one guy I want making the calls and it sure as shit ain't the dude that wore a smock because he spits on himself.


Let's mess around and kickoff a goddamn winning streak.