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Bullying Works: Virginia Changes Its Decision And Will Now Let ODU's Team Puppy On The Sidelines Today

Oh look what we have here. Some good old fashioned bullying: 

So now they reverse course and decide to let Hudson on the sidelines? Hmm. I'm sure it was just an open invitation the entire time and not being mocked for banning an adorable puppy. It's like I said though. Virginia should have dug their heels in and been the bad guy. It's gamesmanship. They need all the help they can anyways, Virginia sucks. You score 3 points against Illinois? I don't care what happens the rest of the year, you stink. 

I think I love ODU even more now. At first they were pissed off, but now they get their dog and realize the Virginia is full of pushovers? That's a great mental state to be in when you're going on the road as an underdog. 

Bad news for Virginia - Hudson is ready: