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Tough Look For Ke'Bryan Hayes As He Decides Mid-Play To Munch On Sunflower Seeds Instead Of Playing Baseball

Hey Ke'bryan....what are ya doing bud? Any interest in playing baseball at all? Because it doesn't seem like it if we're judging from this play. Eduardo Escobar trying to score from first on a bloop and you're just.....eating seeds? 

That's Pirate baseball in September for ya! Guy signs a big extension at the beginning of the season and then is taking a snack break mid-play while a guy is trying to score. Not great! I know he wasn't involved in the play, but maybe at least cover third with your glove on? Attempt to deke the third base coach. Just generally act involved in the play. 

I mean he doesn't even have his glove on! He's digging for seeds while Escobar is digging for home! How did he not get benched for this? Derek Shelton and his Pirates team are sitting there in cruise control in the middle of September, although that is normal for Pittsburgh. This is a prototypical "we're out of it so I don't give a crap about the game" play by a team 35 games under .500 and 30 games out of first. Not a great look for Hayes and pretty much sums up the state of the Pittsburgh Pirates right now.