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$EBR Puts The 11-1 Streak On The Line With Our Game Of The Week

EBR Game Of The Week is finally here. I mentioned it on Chiclets Tuesday to ensure everyone had plenty of time to get their action in on the Barstool Sportsbook.

Swedish hockey players are always well known for their defensive game when they come over to the NHL so it seems strange to take an over in the SHL but here we are.  This game screams over because there are so many weapons on each side.


Ryan Lasch - 66 points in 58 games for Frölunda in SHL

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Jere Innala - 48 points in 54 games for Helsinki in SM-Liiga

Anthony Grecco - 59 points in 66 games for Hartford in AHL

If these three guys weren't enough to get you excited about this team, they also have Henrik Lundqvist's twin brother Joel as a very dangerous center.


Dahlén - 22 points in 61 games for San Jose in the NHL 

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Lander - 31 points in 42 games for Zug in Swiss NLA

Pettersson - 24 points in 42 games for Spartak Moscow in KHL

These guys will all be top point guys this year in the SHL and you know they all want to have a great start to the season in the first game. Early on in any hockey league you will find that the penalty kill units and just overall team defense are not at their peak.


When I gave out this pick I never imagined I would be on a 11-1 streak (after an easy overnight win in Asia) going into it, but we are here, so lets make it 12 EBR!!

Game Of The Week

Timrå/Frölunda Over 5.5 -125 Barstool Sportsbook

Everybody Rides!!!

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