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Watch This When You’re High - Why Don’t The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Mix?

This is complete news to me. Had zero idea that the oceans, as bodies of water, are completely different in terms of salinity, density, etc. I was also awful in physics classes. This one's really interesting. Jacques Cousteau was the fucking man.

Source - You might have seen a video like this before: a ship out in the open ocean approaching a distinct line of water. On one side of the line the water is dark blue and clear, and on the other it's greenish and silty looking.

Many of these videos explain that this is the separation line between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans — a place where they claim water defies all its own laws and refuses to mix.

But as you can probably guess, water doesn't mix with itself in every situation, all over the world, and then start acting like two positive ends of a magnet in the place where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans come together between South America and Antarctica. So, yes, the waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific definitely do mix. But what's going on in these videos?

We have to think about two things when we're considering this question: what's happening at the surface where people are seeing these lines of different color or turbidity, and what's happening under the surface?" says Sally Warner, a professor and physical oceanographer at Brandeis University.

Although these videos probably aren't doctored, it's unclear where they were filmed. Of course it's possible they were taken in the Drake Passage, but they could also be showing something happening in a completely different part of the world.

Ocean fronts are masses of surface water that have different temperatures or salinity. Fronts out in the open ocean can be extremely sharp, and they can sometimes come together in a way that looks like two flavors of ice cream sitting next to each other in the carton.

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