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Watch This When You’re High - Mount Etna, One Of The World’s Largest And Most Active Volcanoes In The World

Shutterstock Images.

I hiked, and gondola’d up Mount Etna in Sicily this afternoon. It felt like I was on Mars. The terrain is like nothing I even thought was possible seeing on earth. It was kind of hazy out so the views weren’t that great but you could still make out the entire triangular outline of the island, the mainland, and the Aeolian Islands. It’s crazy.

It stands 11,000 ft above sea level at its summit and its constantly smoking. The sulfuric smell isn’t overwhelming but it’s gross enough to make you gag and know you shouldn’t be breathing it in.

There are no signs of wildlife anywhere, except for some ladybugs under the rocks and some weedy vegetation patches scattered around.

Its last eruption was in February of 2022, and luckily it was once again only a baby one.

What does the volcano’s future hold? Is it really sliding into the ocean?

What would happen to Sicily, Italy, and the world if “the big one” were to go off?


It’s hard to tell if only Etna were to blow (thatd it would be all she wrote if her sister Vesuvius did.

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