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Kanye Gave Another All Time Interview In Which He Claims He’s Never Read A Book, We Need To “Outlaw Stairs”, And “Humans Need To Learn To Communicate Telepathically Like Yoda and The Jedi Do”, Amongst Other Gems.

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 Daily Mail - Kanye West has revealed that he has never read a book - and insists that the world needs to 'outlaw stairs' to 'maximize our existence' in a bizarre new interview - while sharing his Elon Musk-inspired vision for his new $15,000-a-year private Christian school, Donda Academy.

Kanye, 45, sat down with Alo Yoga's CEO and co-founder Danny Harris for the sportswear brand's new podcast, Mind Full, during which he compared reading to eating 'Brussels sprouts' and said he thinks humans are eventually going to learn to communicate without speaking - like 'Jedi' from Star Wars.

The rapper also claimed that he believes society should cater more to elderly people by eliminating all stairs and replacing them with ramps instead, since 'we'll all turn to old-folks' one day. 'We haven't designed our world up to this point to maximize our existence on this planet as a species,' he explained.

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Stay hot Mr. West.

Listen, I know this is going to come as shock to everybody reading this, but if I’m being totally impartial, and honest here, I have to side with Kanye here.

He’s right as usual.

Stairs suck.

There’s no two ways about it. They’re fucking work. Just ask Frank. They’re work and work is tough. Getting from point A to point B should be as easy and effortless as possible. That’s why smart people way back when invented elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks, etc. 

And Kanye has another great point.

Stairs discriminate.

Stairs kill the elderly. Literally.

And we are ALL going to be elderly one day. (Unless you die early or drink peoples blood like the Illuminati). You’re going to be cursing your younger self for not getting on board with this replace stairs with ramps movement when you had the chance. Did you ever think of that? When your hip is broke and you’re screaming out, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”, to the workers down the hall, who don’t give a shit about anybody, at the nursing home your kids threw you in, you’ll think differently.

'I'm really big on outlawing stairs. We can have up-ramps but not up-stairs. Everything should be designed like an old-folks home.

'If we're lucky, we'll all turn to old-folks. Why, while we're in the position of power to determine what the world looks like and how it functions, are we all selfishly designing and not considering how it should be in the future?'

As Kanye elaborated, he’s never wrong about things, “he’s just maybe not right, right now”.

(Talk about spin zone mastery right there)

As for his talk about humans needing to develop abilities to communicate telepathically like Yoda and Jedi I couldn’t agree more.

The only problem is it’s a gift only few are born with. And it takes years and years of developing and harnessing. If you’ve ever watched any of the movies at all you’d realize this.

But damn would it be amazing to mind fuck anybody and everybody you want to just by concentrating hard enough.

That rude son of a bitch on the train or bus on their cell phone talking so loud you could hear them from down the street? Imagine being able to get inside his head and scream “shut your fat, fucking mouth you scumbag”, without having to actually cause a scene and do it out loud.

Or think about the possibilities of being able to pick up on other people’s thoughts and ideas. It would be like real life “What Women Want” and you would be shooting fish in a barrel like a pre-cancelled Mel Gibson.

Again, you wanted to hate on Yeezy here but after thinking about how knee deep in soaked panties you’d be with this ability you’re thinking otherwise.

As for the book thing?

That’s rubbish.

There’s zero chance this man grew up under Donda’s roof and never read a book. Get the fuck out of here.

This is one of those statements you make without thinking when you’re on a roll, trying to continue to sound cool and keep the momentum going and before you realize the words that came out of your mouth you’re pot committed and need to stick to it.

Ask the guy from high school, who first week back to school blurted out he had a threesome over summer vacation at Jewish camp. Yet every time he retold the story it got more embellished and he’d confuse the names.

Kanye, who professed to spending more time watching Star Wars than he did focusing on school, also revealed that he has never read a book. 

'I actually haven't ready any book,' he stated. 'Reading is like eating Brussels sprouts for me. And talking is like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli.'

(Fun fact - Giorgio Baldi is a famous Tuscan chef who opened a restaurant in Santa Monica in the 1950’s that still bears his name even after he’s passed. It’s famous for its sweet corn and truffle “agnolotti”, often confused for ravioli by stunads.)

Kanye being a Star Wars nerd has somehow made my love for him grow even fonder. I’m sure Robby and Clem could run circles around him in trivia but getting him in Robbie’s Mom’s Basement to talk about what kind of torture Rian Johnson should be subjected to for destroying the franchise would be must listen content.

Speaking of which, how Alo, a yoga brand looking to knock Lululemon off the bomb-ass pants pedestal, landed the most popular guy in entertainment right now for a brand new podcast is beyond me. My guess is they swooped in with a huge money and creative control offer after news of the Gap deal fell through and they’re cooking something up possibly? Or they threw a dump truck of money at the guy for 30 minutes of his time. Either way, genius marketing move by Alo.