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Desperate Times: Leicester City Fan Offers The Entire Team A Lifetime Subscription To Her Naked Pictures If They Beat Spurs

[Source] - A STUNNNING Leicester superfan has offered the squad X-rated pics if they can beat Tottenham on Saturday. Bonnie Brown has dreamt up the unique incentive to help get the hapless Foxes firing.

Bonnie, from adult platform Fanvue, has offered the players and Rodgers free lifetime subscriptions to her channel if they can put one over Spurs.

"They've been firing blanks under Brendan so far this season, so I reckon my cheeky offer might help turn them on - to turn it around."

What the fuck is this? This is what it comes to now to try and beat my beloved Spurs. Yes beloved. I don't care for it. I don't care if it's hardly a deal. I mean we are talking about soccer players here right? They pull. They pull especially when they are playing in the Premier League. I don't care if Leicester looks like shit and can't win. I don't want any sort of extra motivation for them to win this weekend. 

I know that soccer players are rich too, so they can afford paying for porn. But I still don't get it. It's 2022. We grew up in an era where you had to steal Playboys, download porn on a family computer that 100% gave it multiple viruses and then lie about how it got there. We became experts at deleting history and hiding the porn. It's all free now. I just don't know how this can motivate a team. 

Put this away in the tickler file though. If Tottenham doesn't get all 3 points I'm blaming Bonnie Brown.