Fighting In Three Wars Is As Badass As It Gets

On this week’s Zero Blog Thirty I briefly mentioned a gentleman's name at the end of the show for Badass of the Week but this man deserves more than a passing mention.

Retired Lieutenant General David E. Grange Jr. passed away this week at the age of 97. This was a man who was a Paratrooper that fought all over Europe during World War II, an Airborne Infantryman in Korea, and Airborne Ranger and Paratrooper during multiple tours in Vietnam. The three largest conflicts in the last century and this man was front and center, right in the fight.

Later on in his career he became the Director of the Ranger Department, which is one of our Army's elite units. All in, he gave 41 years of his life in service to this country and damn if that doesn't make me swell with pride knowing such a man lived. 

I think any man who fought in any one of the three wars mentioned is an honorable person. To survive and fight in all three is not common - I'm not sure on the numbers but it's a small fraternity. 

The U.S Army Ranger Association memorialized LTG Grange this way - For 97 years, this man gave every ounce of his life back to his family, his community, and his country. Through his dedicated service to others, he in turn designed a legacy for us to receive as individuals, as soldiers, and as an entire community. He is THE Standard. The legend of the game.

Even in our grief of never seeing him on this side of the Earth, his spirit will always be felt and forever revered. To our Airborne Ranger in the sky, rest now. You've led the way.

I believe General Patton was thinking of men like LTG Grange Jr. when he said, "Let us not mourn that such men died, but rejoice that such men lived."