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Phone Booth Fighting Is The Combat Sport Of The Future

Apologies to my close personal friends Bob Fox and Large who happen to respectively run all things MMA and boxing here. But I am calling dibs on being Barstool's lead for all things phone booth boxing once we get it out of whatever formerly iron curtain'd country it resides in because that is all I've ever wanted in a combat sport.

There's no room to walk around each other for a minute at a time, grappling doesn't do dick when your opponent is directly on top of you, and the sweet science that commoners like myself may find sour during every Floyd Mayweather fight doesn't exist. It's nothing but the good shit AKA unabashed violence between two humans.

I'm not saying that the next Rough N Rowdy has to have at least 5 phone booth fights but we are fucking MORONS if we don't have at least 5 phone booth fights at the next Rough N Rowdy. Don't worry about the ring girl contest because they apparently have those too!

As for people that prefer a product that is slightly more polished between two absolute world class fighters, make sure to check out this weekend's Canelo vs. GGG fight that will be hosted by my aforementioned pals along with my other pals Caleb, Rone, Big Cat, and of course my Team Ziti paisan Dave.