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Chris Russo Absolutely Lost His Shit on Roger Goodell for Calling Amazon's Thursday Night Football Broadcast 'Historic'

NOBODY hated Thursday Night Football on Amazon last night more than Chris "Mad Dog" Russo. From listening to that clip, you'd think Russo was getting a cut from Fox the last few years with how mad he is about it.

If Russo was actually only mad about Roger Goodell calling Amazon's broadcast "historic", I could get on board with that. You clicked Amazon on your TV instead of channel five, it's not really all that historic. But it seems like what he's really upset about is the NFL getting a bag to put Thursday Night Football somewhere other than where it's traditionally been.

Yeah, of course Goodell and the owners are going to be happy about that. If they got $1 billion a year from NBC instead of Amazon, would anyone be upset? Of course not. I really need the olds to quit pretending games being on streaming services is some sort of burden on society. If you can't figure out how to get to Amazon Prime on your TV — at which point the game is plastered across the home page with multiple viewing options — I have my doubts you'd be able to find it elsewhere, anyway.

Now I just want to hear Russo's rant from when they started showing sports on cable. It will never work!