RIP LOADOUTS!! Warzone 2.0 Is Bringing A Bunch Of Changes, Here's What You Need To Know

RIP LOADOUTS! The thing that made Call of Duty Warzone so unique and different has officially been removed out of Warzone 2.0! This is one of the biggest changes coming to the updated version of Warzone along with a bunch of new changes.

These include:

- Circle can split into three groups then converge together

- proximity chat added 

- gulag is now 2v2

- new map is named Al Mazrah and has MW2 terminal, high rise and Quarry

- You start with 2 plates and have to loot to find an armor vest. The armor vest then allows you to equip 3 plates

- Vehicles run out of gas and there are gas stations to fill up your vehicle

- Boats are introduced into the game and you're able to swim throughout the map

Warzone 2.0 is dropping November 16th

Full Gameplay + Reaction to the very first Warzone 2.0 drop:

 I'm live on Twitch right now playing the MW2 beta, join to see some gameplay!