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Mark Cuban Is A Certified Bucket

Christian Petersen. Getty Images.

If you aren't aware of who Lethal Shooter is, he's basically the best shooting coach on the planet at the moment. I can say this because I watched him turn Grant Williams from a 25% three point shooter his rookie year in 2019 to one of the best three point shooters in the league last year, ending the season at 41.1%.

If you told me a game like this was possible after his rookie season, there's no way I would have believed you

But this isn't a blog about Grant. This is about Mark Cuban sneaky looking like the best shooter on his own team not named Luka Doncic. I'd say that form looks pretty good for anyone let alone a 64 year old. Pretty close to a perfect B.E.E.F situation if you ask me which as we were all told growing up is the key to a solid looking jumper. Let's all jog down memory lane quickly when we all had to shout out what each letter stood for at every basketball camp we ever went to:

B - Balance

E - Eyes

E - Elbow

F - Follow-through

Ah, the good ol' days.

In terms of Cubans jumper, it's fluid as hell. He has good balance, a nice follow-through, and the results clearly speak for themselves. I'd bet that not a single person reading this blog or even the person writing it could put up a shooting performance like that so Cuban has nothing but my respect.

Now, it's not the quickest release I've ever seen. He'd probably have an issue getting that off at the next level, but he should have no problem with his men's league or whatever he's practicing for. I'll ask you, what other owners do you think have this type of game? I'm going to go out on a limb and say none of them. Maybe this is why you always hear about how players love coming to Dallas and playing for Cuban. Not just because he'll spend whatever on both players and the Mavs facility, but he's clearly someone who plays and loves the game. 


This is also yet another example of why it must be incredible to be a billionaire. Oh, you want to maybe work on your jumper? Sure you could use any of the coaches that you just so happen to employ for your NBA team, but why do that when you can just bring in the best shooting coach on earth for a 3 hour workout. Most of us who want to get some shots up head to our local JCC/YMCA/Lifetime Fitness/parks where maybe you get passed the ball once. If you miss that shot, well you're doing cardio for the rest of the session because you probably won't touch the ball again. 

It must be pretty nice to be able to pick up the phone instead and have one of the top shooting coaches out there come work you out and perfect your jumper. I now want to see how he stacks up against his players. The Mavs were just 19th in the league in 3P% last season, so it wouldn't shock me if Cuban found a way to win a few shooting competitions based on how that jumper looked.