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Victor Wembanyama Watch: The 7'4" French Unicorn Just Had Another Brain Breaking Performance That For Sure Has NBA GMs Salivating

NurPhoto. Getty Images.

As I've blogged before, I am officially addicted to Victor Wembanyama highlights. I can't help it. You tell me there is a 7'4 unicorn out there and every single time I see his highlights come across my timeline I'm watching. 

This kid is talked about as being a franchise altering prospect and why you're going to see some of the greatest tanking attempts in NBA history this season. Every time the internet gets another look my brain breaks all over again. Take his most recent 34/10 with 3 bock performance for example

I won't sit here and try and pretend that I have any idea who these teams are or what the competition level is. I don't really care about that. What I do care about is the fact that an 18 year old played in a professional game and made grown men look like children. Every time I watch him I truly cannot understand what I'm seeing. How can a player at that size move like this? I get he's skinny as all hell and that might scare some people away, but just wait until he gets into an NBA weight room. Also, being skinny never stopped someone like Kevin Durant from being a devastating player so I'm not too worried. 

Just look at this shit!

What the hell man. Of the teams that will most likely have a realistic shot at Wembanyama, just think of the lineup possibilities. If it's the Thunder, imagine trying to finish at the rim with this kid and Chet on the backline. A core of SGA/Dort/Giddey/Chet/Wembanyaya seems like a pretty legit collection of young talent. Think of the hilarity if they also play him next to someone like Poku. They may never win initially, but man would that be fun to see.

If it's the Rockets, you have a similar situation. A core of Green/Jabari Smith/KPJ/Wembanyama is pretty loaded, and then you also factor in the defense of Tari Eason and you're really building something there. If you're the Jazz or Spurs, well here's your franchise building block to start with which certainly doesn't seem like a bad place to be. 

I can't think of a more hyped prospect than LeBron to be honest. Even more so than someone like Zion. While they are all what I would call generational talents, when you have Wembanyama's combination of size/mobility/shooting/defense/soft hands/ball handling, you're a cut above in my opinion. If you need more, just take a look at his EuroLeague highlights and it becomes pretty clear why he's the top basketball prospect on the planet and the surefire #1 pick next summer