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Mike McDaniel Adds to His Legend by Confirming He Used to Go Half the Week Without Showering as an Assistant Coach

There is nothing in this world that will turn you into a Certified Fresh Media Darling faster than being a quirky, colorful, quote machine with entertaining tales to tell. Sure, being successful will help. But that's secondary. Rex Ryan assured himself a future career in front of the camera for ESPN by winning at the podium on Wednesdays, not on the field on Sundays. Good looks also can't hurt you, as Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan have proven. And when you check all the boxes the way Mike McDaniel is right now, it's the football equivalent of a hot new actress making it onto ever magazine cover at the supermarket check out. He's the NFL's new It Coach. 

And here is just the most recent example of how he's won hearts across the nation. (Cued up to the 1:01 mark):

And we have confirmation McDaniel is telling the truth:

Admitting you used to go from game days to Wednesdays without showering, but now you can't because you're a head coach is exactly the kind of  interesting, endearing humblebrag they should be teaching in Public Relations school. Political candidate pay consultants big money to make up tidbits like this to humanize themselves. To seem more relatable. To carve out a Joe Six Pack image that will win over voters and deflect attention away from the fact you grew up in a mansion with a horse farm out back a studied Political Science because your father didn't trust you to run the family empire and wanted you somewhere you couldn't do any harm. 

The difference being that McDaniel lived this life. The grind of an assistant football coach with ambition enough to put his entire life on hold and spend every waking moment looking for ways to create space with throwback screens and make a split zone look just like play action Yankee concepts with the same personnel groupings. Which makes him practically impossible not to like. Especially in a time when we've raised a whole generation of Zoomers who live entire days staring into a screen. 

McDaniel gives off the perfect Silicon Valley vibe, though maybe 25% less slackery. And with 0% of the time spent talking about jerking off:

Yes, it's filthy and horrible that he would go literally days at a time without showering. And anyone who does that isn't either homeless or on an extended camping trip deserves to be shunned by polite society. But nothing will confirm your status as a genuine Football Guy faster.