Brittany Mahomes' Whining Game is Already in Mid-Season Form

Andy Lyons. Getty Images.

The more you see of Patrick Mahomes, the more you realize he is more than just a great athlete. He's the perfect athlete for our times. He's one of those celebrities who hit it big as just the right time in our culture to reflect who we are as a people. He's compelling. Likeable. Photogenic. Biracial. With a skill set the likes of which has perhaps never been seen. And with a family that perfectly captures our life and times by being self-possessed, image conscious, social media obsessed, attention seeking narcissists. His wife and brother, anyway. Who have taken his popularity and turned it into their unpopularity in short order. The Yin to his Yang. 

Last night was no exception. While Mahomes was playing one of the most Mahomsian games of his career, with impossible escapes from the pocket, improbable completions, and a good half dozen near misses on interceptable passes, there was no way his wife was going to sit there with her phone in her purse and let the night belong to him. Not when there was an official's judgement call that could've gone either way but went against the Chiefs:

The rules of Influencer Culture in 2022 clearly state that you can never let an opportunity to draw attention to yourself go to waste:

I'll admit this is not Peak Brittany. This remains the high water mark of her solipsistic career:

But for a season Chiefs season that's barely five days old, that's nevertheless impressive. Like Bill Parcells used to say, it takes you the first third of the season to figure out what you are. And I suspect she's still rounding into form. And drawing the usual response she's always seeking. 



Brittany's gotta Brittany. Her husband is out there creating lightning, she's going to run outside holding a metal pole in the air. The non-Chiefs fan public will continue to hate her for it. She'll push back. They'll responds. And the social media snake will continue to eat its tail. 

And frankly, I'm all for it. Because like I said at the start, together the Mahomes family is a perfect reflection of society as whole. So don't you go changing on us, Brittany Mahomes. Don't you dare change on us.