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RISE AND GRIND BABY EBR Is Hungry For 3 Things: Strong Drinks, Great Food, And Winners In European Hockey.

Mark König. Unsplash Images.

RISE AND GRIND BABY! EBR is hungry for 3 things: Strong Drinks, Great Food, and Winning money to pay the tab on European hockey. 

The weekend is upon us and EBR loves a solid Friday lunch menu. Let’s get right to it with two games going on in Europe and keep this magical run going!!

11:30 am Est: Liga Finland TPS Turku vs. Assat. 

Location: Turku, Finland


Here is an inside scoop Finns are some of the best people to drink with. They are friendly and will drink until they are crooked.  Their culture has a long history of beer drinking dating back to the middle ages and put October 13th in your calendar, which is Finnish Beer day. When the coach tells you after the game you can only have one case of beer for the bus this is the one you want to find!!

I have been known to enjoy a few pops when I was in Finland and one of my favorites was Sahti, one of the more famous beers in this country.  If you really want to get antsy on a Friday and not go back to work have the Strong Sahti that will make you cluck like a chicken. First, the 3241 pack and now a gasoline jug, the Finns really know how to get after it!!

But as usual,  won money is always better when you want to pay this tab. We try to push to 3-0 in Finland today!

MURLS' BEST BET:  TPS 3-way -106

Main Course:

1:30 pm EST - DEL Germany Straubing vs. Nuremberg 

Location: Straubing, Germany

DEL has just started so let's keep this simple and go with a favorite Schnitzel sandwich.  This breaded meat is so good for lunch and keeps it light.  The best way to have this sandwich is with cucumber, lettuce, and smothered in remoulade sauce. This tasty sauce is like mayo but much better.  

Simple and easy…. But this will taste better with a win!!! EBR let's make it 2-0 on the season in Germany!

Murls’ Best Bet: Straubing/Nuremberg Over 5.5 -143

Everybody Rides!!!

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