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For My Money, Little League Home Runs Are Better Than Traditional Homers And We Saw Why Last Night

Last night gave us not 1, but 2 Little League Home Runs. Maybe the most exciting play in baseball. Some say it's the triple, some say it's a home run robbery, but for my money I think the Little League Home Runs are the best play in baseball. They're just so much better than a traditional ball blasted over the wall. Just look at Gunnar Henderson above, the youngest position player in baseball smoked this ball down the third base line and we automatically thought double. Well that was until the Nationals left fielder just forgot how to throw the ball. 

Whoops! Forgot something? The ball ends up BEHIND HIM in the outfield and Gunnar scooted all the way around to score. Sure it was ruled a triple and an error, and the triple there is a gift (should have been a double), but I am ruling this a Little League Home Run. Just look how exciting that is. So much better than a homer over the fence. Most of the time these home runs include someone pretty fast, and the defenders fucking up an insane amount. We saw the fast guy last night with Gunnar recording the third fastest home to third time this season in baseball. We saw more of the awful defense last night in the Yankees - Red Sox game.

Gleyber shoots one to right field, about as routine as you could be. Throw gets by the cutoff man and right to the catcher, play should stop there right? WRONG! They try to get Torres with a back throw at first and that ball gets away and rolls into the outfield. Verdugo goes to get it again and by this time Gleyber is at third. Dude is winded, you can tell. Throw comes back into the catcher but Torres beats the throw for another Little League Home Run.

So much chaos. So much confusion. So much deep breathing. So many awful defensive plays. Little League Home Runs are the best and I wish we were so lucky to see them more often, getting two last night was a gift from the baseball gods. I need to know the % of teams that give up these kind of home runs and their winning %, it can't be very high. A play like that just lets all the air out of the balloon.