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It Would Appear That ALL Of The Stats Are Pointing To The Packers Killing The Bears On Sunday Night

Bears fans should be worried about playing in prime time against Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau Field? Thanks, Todd!  It's not like we didn't watch all 27 of those games over the last, I don't know, 14 years. We were there. We know we should be worried. 

That is the thing about low expectations though. You go in with nothing to lose. So even though I woke up to a series of stats about the Bears going against Rodgers...I don't care. I am actually not worried. Whatever happens on Sunday night can't be worse than what was supposed to happen. Low expectations are liberating. Aaron Rodgers can't hurt us this week. Nothing to be worried about. Nothing we haven't been through before. 

It's so low stakes that I have talked myself into something good happening up there. I feel like for the first time in maybe a decade the Bears have the type of coaching that won't let the Bears beat themselves. Historically, you knew that being 10 point dogs in Green Bay usually meant the Bears would probably lose by at least double that and it's because they'd spot the Packers 10-14 points with stupidity. Penalties, blown assignments, Chris Conte, etc. Maybe I had a little too much Flus Juice week 1, but I feel like the Bears will play hard enough and smart enough to keep it in the number. The Packers don't quite look like themselves yet offensively. The Bears looked solid enough on both sides of the ball where you can't assume a blow like we used to fear. I think things are fine. 

And if they somehow win...

Teams that start 2-0 make the playoffs like 65% of the time per an article from 2014 (best I could find on that stat) and I would guess that with an extra playoff spot it is even more likely that you make the playoffs after starting 2-0. This week is all upside with zero downside. Great spot to be. Full Episode below