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This NYC Cab Driver Might Just Be The Best Basketball Player In The Entire City

I don't want to sound dramatic here, but this might be one of the most impressive videos I have ever seen on the internet. Everything about it was impressive as hell. Not just the jumper (which we'll get to), but even the setup was elite. Little known fact about me, I played soccer my entire life before my brother decided it was time to give it up to play lacrosse since at my school those were in the same season. I know how hard a move like that is by the man on the phone and I came away extremely impressed with his ball control. I'll be honest I was not expecting to see Lionel Messi show up in this video, but it looked the same to me. I found that to be very impressive and in a way, we should have known things were going to get even better. You don't get that clean a start only for the video to disappoint. 10/10 ruling for that guy.

Then comes the jumper which was the very definition of "grip it and rip it". That's a man with the utmost confidence which you certainly need to pull off a shot like this. I love the one dribble and fire decision too. No chance to overthink it, just let it fly. Everyone knows once you start thinking before you shoot things never go well. It's kind of hard to see, but I think that might be a double rim as well? If so, that's even MORE impressive. When I say that jumper was pure, I mean it was PURE. The fact that he was doing it in Timbs makes it even better. He still got great lift on that jumper despite the weight on his feet which is crucial for every great shooter. It all starts with your legs/your foundation.

The celebration running straight into NYC traffic seems a little insane, but it was perfect.

If this guy seems familiar, that's because he's been all over the internet simply destroying everyone in his path on the basketball court. His name is George Papoutsis and he's a 70 year old cab driver and upon further research, it appears these two are a dynamic duo so even though that sort of ruins the whole random aspect, it's still impressive as hell

I don't care who you are, this is impressive. Even more so once you learn this guy is 70 years old. No chance I'm able to move around like this when I'm 70. It already is a struggle to go down my steps every morning and I don't do a damn thing all day.

Now I know his defense may not be up to par, but in today's NBA it's all about shooting and since the Knicks were around league average last year in 3P%, they may want to take a look here. They missed out on Donovan Mitchell which is fine, but that's a roster that could still use some knockdown shooters. They finally have a point guard in Brunson who will help their drive and kick game, and maybe the missing piece has been in their city this whole time.