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Vegans Have Officially Won The War On Meat After Placing Roses On A Bunch Of Packaged Steaks At A Grocery Store

Well I hope you enjoyed eating the last burger you'll ever have in your life because meat eating culture is officially CANCELLED. It's done. Caput. Ceases to exist. You'll never have a tender, juicy, delicious, perfectly cooked medium-rare ribeye ever again in your life all thanks to these brave warriors who put their lives on the line to defend already dead animals. 

How are you ever going to look at a chuck roast the same after seeing this video? How are you ever going to marinade a skirt steak for some carne asada tacos again after these heroes placed a bunch of roses on top of a steak previously priced at $5.19/lb but now on sale for $4.73/lb as if they were holding a funeral for a dead grandparent? Roses that they probably just purchased from the same grocery store approximately 4 minutes ago. The answer is you can't. The war on meat is over, and these vegans ended it once and for all. 

That's what I love about activism. All it takes is one small group to change the course of history for the entire world. And the other great part of this is these people all look like a shining beacon of health, so I'm sure that the rest of the world laying off the red meat can only benefit the collective health of humanity. Thanks, Bill Gates.