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Virginia Deserves To Never Win A Game Again After They Reportedly Refused To Let Old Dominion Have Its Team Puppy On The Sidelines

What the fuck is this? How do you deny a puppy from the sidelines? We're talking about a puppy that's credited too. This isn't just a regular puppy. This is a special puppy. You see here's the backstory on Hudson: 

[Athletic] - Corson explained that she was the founder of Mutts with a Mission, a group that enrolls puppies in a two-year program — 18 months at a caregiver’s home and six months back with Corson and the organization — to train them as service dogs before permanently placing them with disabled veterans, first responders and law enforcement dealing with disability issues, mobility issues, PTSD or other ailments for no cost to the recipient of the dog.

Corson let them loose in the weight room after players had finished their conditioning and weights for the day. The puppies went wild for a few minutes before making their way back to Corson. All except one.

“He was chilling with all the guys, sitting under some weightlifting equipment, and he was wearing light blue, and we were like, ‘That’s our dog,’” Rahne said.

Corson, a veteran herself and a fan of college football, has made Hudson a frequent fixture at practices and team events when he’s not busy with his day job: training to be a service dog. He learns to do tasks like going to get help, reminding his owner to take medication and retrieving dropped items. He learns to ride public transportation and the ferry as well as going through TSA checkpoints at the airport and flying before being paired with his forever home.

How do you read that story as a person in Virginia's administration and say no? Sure, some may say it's gamesmanship. I say that doesn't come into play when we're talking about a puppy. Dogs are above gamesmanship. Dogs are above any shenanigans. To think even more, the dog was originally told no by Old Dominion's coach to live with him. They already have two dogs. Whatever, we have a good story still since Hudson refused to leave the football guys. Luckily, they are smart and decided to make Hudson their dog. 

This is even better than any turnover chain or anything like that: 

Players who perform best in practice earn the honor of being that week’s “Hudson Handler” or the player who will walk Hudson through the team’s Monarch March into the stadium.  

Talk about motivation to play well. You get to walk the dog. That's awesome. That's peak college sports right there. Not to mention the dog is cool as hell: 

Shoes? Glasses? That's a 10/10 dog. That's a dog who deserves to be on the sideline of every game. I say Old Dominion brings him anyways. Make Virginia kick a puppy out of a stadium. You want bad press? You kick a dog out of a stadium on TV. It'll be more than me blogging about how dumb it is. 

I would go as far as saying the basketball team should lose its banner over this. I know they aren't tied to the football team. But it's an athletic department thing. I reverse course on Virginia being the rightful winners of the 2019 NCAA Tournament. 

Go Monarchs.