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'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli Is Officially Off House Arrest - Immediately Posts About Hooking Up With Moms And Thots On Instagram

Martin Shrkeli we all know the name. You may know him as Pharma Bro or perhaps the dude who Wu Tang fucking hates and rightfully so. He's been in the news forever - so much so that even Big Cat and KFC blogged about him. 

Well guess what? He's off house arrest and he's officially declaring it Shkreli Season: 

Welp, that's about right. Me personally? I'm going to a bar. You get me off house arrest and I'm sitting at a bar. Key word there is sitting. I'm not standing, that's silly thinking. I'd for sure not declare it Reags Season. Maybe keep a low profile, try not to get punched in the face. Again, I'm just different. 

It does make some sense though. The man went to Cracker Barrel when he got out of prison: 

Great place to meet moms. Maybe go back there. Hit up the breakfast crowd after school starts, you never know who you'll see. That or go to the grocery store. Great view of moms during that time. It appears that Martin is really into moms, so I'm just trying to give some advice. 


There's no way this is the last we'll hear of him either. He's a grade A shitbag who enjoys being in content. He's going to do something stupid again, almost a guarantee at this point. All I know is he's on the prowl. Thots and moms, he doesn't care. He's looking for both of you to meet up with him. He's free. 

My top-3 list of things I'd do right after house arrest

3. Go to a sporting event - strictly to boo someone, take the heat off me

2. Eat out at a restaurant - just give me hot food without delivery

1. Go to a bar - preferably a couple TVs with the game on, some music going, half dive bar, half sports bar