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Mets Series Review: This Team Sucks

Jim McIsaac. Getty Images.

The dream is dead; the 2022 Mets are just another team destined to fail and disappoint as Bill Eppler's trade dudline activities have come home to roost. The Mets were not only swept by the lowly Cubs; they were not competitive as the Mets have been the only cupcake on the easy 16-game stretch, with the division slipping away and the wild card soon to be in peril as the 2022 collapse is about to make 2007 feel like a cakewalk. The Mets are not only losing; they are playing worse each game and may not win another game this season. 

The disaster started on Monday with Chris Bassitt on the mound. They had a chance to jump in front early but left the bases loaded as Mark Canha had a rather feeble at bat looking at three pitches right down the middle of the plate as he had no interest in swinging the bat. That would be the Mets' chance to win the game and instead set the tone for the entire series as the Mets' season started to go down in flames. 

Chris Bassitt made the start for the Mets and was terrible, giving up two home runs, as the Cubs scored five runs on five hits as Bassitt did not make it out of the fourth. The Mets' bullpen kept them in the game, but their bats were silent most of the night.  The Mets loaded the bases in the eighth but again failed in epic fashion as Canha again struck out. Eduardo Escobar followed with a feeble at bat as the horrendous Darin Ruf popped up, proving how much he continues to suck. The Mets scored a meaningless run on a Francisco Lindor home run in the ninth, setting a theme that would span the three games as the Mets lost 5-2. 

Jacob deGrom was on the mound for game two, but James McCant and his horrible catching would erase that advantage. Ian Happ hit a home run in the second, as the Mets again failed to score in the first inning with runners in scoring position. In the third inning, the Cubs looking to sacrifice, got the bases loaded when McCant could not make a simple throw to first. After a sac-fly, the Cubs got a third run when the Mets' incompetent catcher could not make a tag. Jacob deGrom allowed three runs on five hits in six innings with ten strikeouts. 

Down 3-0 might as well have been 30-0 as the Mets bats were horrific again. The Cubs added a fourth run as David Bote homered off Seth Lugo, while Pete Alonso hit a meaningless home run in the ninth as the Mets lost 4-1. 

In the finale, David Peterson made the start and walked the first three hitters. Before the Mets could blink it was 4-0 as Trevor Williams came in relief. Peterson only got one out like TOM GLAVINE as the Mets were down 6-0, Trevor Williams came in and allowed another run as Peterson smiled after giving up five runs on two hits with three walks. 

The Mets bullpen did the best they could as they blanked the Cubs over the final eighth innings but the damage was done as the Mets bats again were feeble. Tomas Nido hit a home run in the third, while they scratched out a run in the fifth. The Mets got a third run when you guessed it Pete Alonso hit a meaningless home run in the ninth to make the final 6-3.

The Mets are luckily in first becuase the Giants won two of three. However, tied in the loss column, the Mets chaces of winning the division are slim and none, and slim has left town. The Mets 16-game easy stretch has exposed this team as frauds as they have are 5-7 with four losses coming against the Pirates. The Mets will be swept this weekened and no game will be close. This colapse is going to be worse than 2007 as they will drop like a rock out of the wild card, as the Brewers will sweep the Mets out of the playoffs. The nightmare never fucking ends.