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Johnny Bananas Sued Entourage And HBO For Using The Name Johnny Bananas In The Show

This is why Johnny Bananas is a character who has worked on reality T.V. He is delusional, but also entertaining. He has one of the most savage moves in reality TV history taking a one million dollar prize all for himself and leaving his partner with nothing. If you don't know much about him, do yourself a favor and watch the Challenge on MTV. 

I can't believe I'm saying this, but it also makes a ton of sense at the same time that he sued the biggest show on TV about using his name as a fake tv show. I can imagine him sitting on his couch and seeing the scene where Billy Walsh pitches the show Johnnys Bananas to Johnny Drama and freaking out at home. First of all this was the last season and they made a whole fake cartoon show with Drama as a gorilla. So the characters name is Johnny and Gorillas like bananas so why the fuck would they be thinking about reality t.v. star. I can see him thinking like they must love the challenge and all sat around saying what would get us more views for the biggest show on tv....Johnny Bananas will get the people going. 

I do like Johnny. I also I respect him going through the trouble of suing HBO over this and still thinking he would have won if statute of limitations didn't happen. 

(I still cannot believe it isn't statute of limitations because that makes so much more sense) 

I always think of this and in my mind this relates to this situation. How many restaurants are there in the world with the same exact names? I feel like there have to be a ton. Like how many Joes Pizzerias are there, or Sals pizza are there? That would also be like if I sued the company called Mush because they used my name. I am sure it is a great company, but I don't think you should eat oatmeal unless you have no teeth. 

Back to the actual point of the blog, I cannot believe he actually went through with this and I like him even more now because he is just a lunatic. I am not sure if he is telling the truth about all the legal things but it sounded good to me. I kind of wish he won because his ego would soar to an even higher level we didn't know could be reached.