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It Just Means More: Real Madrid And Atletico Madrid Fans Reportedly Organized A 10-on-10 Brawl Before Sunday's Match

Is fighting stupid? Sure. Absolutely. But you know what's awesome here? The fact they organize it. This isn't dirty fighting. This isn't a cheap shot. This isn't lighting of flares and trying to start shit. Nope. It's an agreed meeting point and time. It's basically their own match. Hell, it's being reported like one. I love the update that Real Madrid one last year's fight. Good to know who has the edge coming into this year. 

All I can picture is 3 things here. First, the final fight in Green Street Hooligans.

 Second, the final episode of Blue Mountain State where they play in the cornfield. And finally, being young and knowing there was going to be a scrap in the Recess yard. Wrap this all up and basically here's what we get in Madrid. I assume the leaders sat down and organized a smart, clean fight. One where the location is perfectly hidden - I'd lean someone's house with plenty of land. Can't get the cops called on you there. 

Imagine if we had this here in America. We have fights all the time - but they are typically filled with cheap shots: 

But imagine if Auburn and Alabama frat bros set up a high noon meeting before the Iron Bowl? It'd be fantastic. It'd be even better if it was recorded like this. I need to know who wins fan fights. It helps me when I think of teams. Like I assume Panthers fans lose every fight. No real reason, just Carolina being super nice and it's the Panthers. I assume Raiders fans win every fight, because, well, Raiders. 

This is how you do it. Organize the fight, let me know who wins and then go get ready for Sunday's match.