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A Royal Guard Fainted And Fell Flat On His Face While Watching Over Queen Elizabeth's Coffin

There is fainting, there is passing out, and then there is what that royal guard did. Lights going completely out and smashing his face directly on the ground. Some people may try to get out of a stressful job by pulling a Ric Flair.

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However I don't think this guy was faking it because nobody fake faints directly onto their face. Side of the head maybe. But not flush on the front of the face where you can fuck up your nose, teeth, and eyes.

Now as a common man American, I figured this guy was about to hit ye olde unemployment line since I always thought royal guards had to be attentive emotionless protectors of the peace at all times and passing out on duty was pretty much breaking rule number 1. 

Turns out I couldn't be more wrong.

itv- While the soldiers rotate every 20 minutes, the hours of remaining completely still while standing are six-hours in length. It's not uncommon for members of the military to collapse on duty. Five soldiers fainted at the National Thanksgiving Service during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

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So I offer a sincere get well to this royal guard and best wishes to the other royal guards still on duty since they aren't going anywhere for a WHILE.