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This Fighter Stopped Blocking, Ate Punches On Purposes, Did A Shimmy, Then Punched Himself In An All-Time Intimidation Move

Holy shit. What do you even do here if you're the other guy? The dude eating the punches is Rodtang Jimungnon aka "The Iron Man". After watching that video, I do not question his nickname at all.

I realize this video isn't from last night, so apologies from anyone that closely follows Muay Thai. Doing some research, it appears Rodtang is currrently the reigning ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion. Not that I cover the sport at all although I did watch an MTV True Life or some type of documentary about being a Muay Thai Fighter, so I feel qualified enough to say, this guy will never lose. How do you knock a guy out that doesn't block and just eats your punches?!

He is truly built different and has earned my follow.