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This Was The Worst Summer Of My Entire Life Thanks To The Chicago White Sox

Yesterday was the biggest game of the White Sox season. They were 3 games back of the division lead and 4 games back in the loss column, effectively meaning they have to gain 5 games on Cleveland in the final 3 weeks of the season to catch them.

The White Sox had their ace on the mound against a LHP on a dog shit team and like they have all year, they completely shat down their leg. Again. And because of that, you can stick a fork en em. They're done. 

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This was the worst summer of my entire life for a variety of reasons. But 99% of my emotions are derived from the White Sox and with the expectations the fanbase had going into last offseason, this regular season, this trade deadline and this 2nd half, 2022 has been the worst baseball season of many Sox fans lives. Take it from this guy who's seen some BAD baseball seasons: 

Thank Christ I don't remember 1994, a season that was promptly stopped due to a strike in the middle of what could have been a World Series run and what was a Frank Thomas MVP run. But if this Soxman72 cat says this year was worse, I believe him.

All Sox fans have their scapegoats for what happened this season. Many, myself included, think it's mostly on Jerry. Many think it's all LaRussa's fault and that the Sox would be coasting into the playoffs if Cairo was the manager from day 1. Many think it's Hahn's fault. Some place blame squarely on the shoulders of the players. 

Oh, and I almost forgot to list the training staff. They are partially to blame, too. I didn't forget about you, you sneaky little buttholes. 

The truth is, nobody is wrong. Doesn't matter what percentage of blame is delegated to whom. What matters is that they - and I say "they" as in the organization as a whole, from Reinsdorf through the fucking clubby - completely fucked up what should have been one of the very best teams in baseball.

So we brought in the Section 108 guys to talk about it. If you're reading this as a non-White Sox fan, the Section 108 guys are the epitome of Sox fans. Season ticket holders that go to 70+ home games a year, love the team in spite of the pain the team causes us, loves to drink, and they have a LOT of baseball smarts. Oh yeah, and they are all fat and ugly as fuck. If you enjoy talking baseball, these are the guys to call. Just as diehard as diehard gets.

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So we sat down for 2 hours to figure this mess out and make heads and tails of what was a pathetic, disgusting season. How is this gonna get fixed this winter? Because there's a LOT of fixing to do. That starts with Jerry Reinsdorf sucking up his pride and firing his buddy Tony. I'd then immediately cut Leury Garcia and eat that money too. Whoever is in charge (which is really up for debate) has a LOT of work to do. 

Tune in. There's also a ton of Bears and CFB talk to go around. 

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