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The USA World Cup Jerseys Are So Damn Bad, They Were Released In The Middle Of The Night So No One Would Notice

These are so bad that Nike released them at 3:15 in the morning. That says all you need to know. If you need to know more, just know these are pathetic. Why are we wearing training kits? We're the America, goddamnit. Best country in the world. We should have the best jerseys in the world too. Maybe even just 2nd because Croatia's jerseys are elite. Tough to top this

Paul Ellis - Pool. Getty Images.

Now I know, I know. People will say it's just a jersey. What's the big deal? Well it's the World Cup. That's why it's a big deal. Also the players hate them: 

Again, we've had elite jerseys. I'm talking truly elite: 

David Cannon. Getty Images.
Back Page Images. Shutterstock Images.


Shutterstock. Shutterstock Images.
Michael Steele. Getty Images.

It's simple. The white jerseys should always be very clean. Simple. Hell our most recent white jerseys were fine

John Dorton/ISI Photos. Getty Images.

What's wrong with those? Just keep those. The white jerseys should always look like this. Blue shorts, red and blue trim, the patch. It's fine. 

The blue? The blue is the real problem. We're America. Red, white and blue. Those are our colors. We don't have anything else. That's why I like the sash look in 2010. Even the 2014 reds are fine. Give me the standard darker blue with some red and white on there. Make the shorts whatever color. It's not that hard!

If everyone else can keep their standard jerseys - Croatia, Argentina's stripes, Italy's blue, etc. We should keep ours. This is not a good sign for the World Cup. It's look good, play good. Not look bad, play good.