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Ryan Reynolds Lost a Bet To Rob McElhenney And Had To Get a Colonoscopy - Doctors Ended Up Finding a Potentially Dangerous Polyp And Might Have Saved His Life

As you probably know by now, Ryan Reynolds and Always Sunny's Rob McElhenney teamed up in the recent years to buy a Welsh Football Club, Wrexham AFC. In the last month or so the debut episodes of Welcome to Wrexham have aired on FX, showing their path to buying the team and the early stages of their takeover. It's a great behind the scenes look of two extremely like-able dudes running the show in an environment they're completely new to. 

In the beginning days of owning the team, Reynolds bet McElhenney whether he could learn to speak Welsh in a year's time. Turns out the TV star figured the damn thing out, and as punishment Ryan Reynolds had to undergo a colonoscopy. 

Going to the doctor is something no one wants to do. I just don't want to know if there's something horrible going on so I avoid it like the plague. It's a terrible habit of mine that I desperately need to break. I know for a fact I'm going to be a prick about getting a colonoscopy when I hit this age. I mean who the hell wants a tube shoved up their ass? Eh, I guess I can think of a few lunatics at this company who would do that for enjoyment, but that's besides the point. It's obviously not something most of us are running to do. 

Doctors recommend you start getting them at 45 years old in an effort to prevent the worst and get ahead of potential problems down the road. Well it turns out the doctors found a "subtle polyp" in Reynolds colon that could have become cancerous if left unchecked. Crazy. You can play the what if game big time here, but good thing Reynolds lost the bet and got it checked. I need that dude living a long life and continually entertaining me for years to come on the big screen. He's also bizarrely has followed me on Twitter for a little while now (has to be a mistake but idc) and I need to hold onto that 1% hope he's actually a fan for as long as I can. 

Rob also ended up getting a colonoscopy as well and had a few polyps himself. The point here? Let's make sure to get our colons checked at 45 alright? 

While I have you here let's congratulate the Deadpool star and his stunning wife Blake Lively on the news of their 4th child on the way!

For me they combine to be the definitive number one pound for pound celebrity couple in the world. Offer to adopt me is still out there.