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Patrick Mahomes Is The Most Disrespected Player In The NFL

First we have to state the obvious that I am starting to really look like Nick Wright and I don't love that. Now that is out of the way let's get to talking about Patrick Mahomes. 

I think half of the reason why people disrespect him is because Jackson Mahomes is running around causing chaos on TikTok and I unfortunately do think people associate that with Patrick because we are witnessing one of the best QBs and people aren't appreciating it enough.




The past two years all I have been hearing is how "Patrick Mahomes has been figured out" or "he is a gimmick QB", or "the only reason he is good because of Tyreek Hill". I have heard all of the bullshit and I am tired of it. We should appreciate how fucking good he really is. Let's compare him to the GOAT TomBrady when he first started in the league. 



If you just look at yards alone Patrick Mahomes has 5,000 more yards than Tom Brady. Brady had 97 touchdowns and Mahomes had 151. The game definitely has changed- and I also understand nobody thinks that Mahomes sucks- but last year and even this year all I keep hearing is how the Chiefs are going to have a down year. I just think that we say other QBs are better than him already and just kind of forget about all that he has done- Super Bowl, MVP and has made it to the AFC Championship every year he has been a QB. 

This isn't a Brady vs Mahomes thing but I am just stating the facts that we have to appreciate this man more. The fist game of the season he already looks like the MVP. Stop the Disrespect. 

Tonight the Chiefs play the Chargers who are +4 so it seems like Vegas is the only one who respects them. They are going to smoke the Chargers and all people keep doing is sucking off Justin Herbert. They have no Keenan Allen and even if he did Patrick Mahomes is just way better than him right now. Take the Chiefs right now and respect this man.