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Hmm: The SEC Has Directed Tennessee and Georgia to Cancel Their Scheduled Non-Conference Games Against Oklahoma Starting Next Year

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Oklahoma and Texas aren't scheduled to officially become members of the SEC until 2025. But in a potentially eyebrow-raising move, the SEC league office has told both Georgia and Tennessee to look for replacements for non-conference series both schools have scheduled against OU starting in 2023 and 2024.

Now, it could just be that the SEC, Georgia and Tennessee don't want the hassle of only playing half of a home-and-home and then having Oklahoma become an SEC member and complicating the contracts. However, such explicit direction from the SEC could also mean the current Big 12 schools may join the league sooner than previously thought.

Everyone has known Texas and Oklahoma were set to join the league in 2025 for more than a year now, so if the issue was the back end of those contracts, it stands to reason UGA and UT would have already been looking for replacements for those games against the Sooners and wouldn't need any sort of instruction from the SEC. And one would think Texas, Oklahoma and the SEC are doing everything in their power to get those schools into the conference as soon as possible.

This announcement could be nothing or huge news. I guess only time will tell.